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7. Letter from the Federal Labor Office, Rhineland-Palatinate-Saarland to Mrs. Claudia Engel, dated 17 March 1995, stating that Scientologists “are considered not reliable” by the Federal Employment Agency and attaching a declaration for Mrs. Engel to sign if she wishes to attest that she is not a member of the Scientology religion.

8. Letter from the President of the Baden-Württemberg Education Office to Mr. Schwarz, dated 19 January 1995, warning him about his association with Scientology and alerting him to possible disciplinary action if he continues his association.

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31. See Die Woche article, note 17.

32. See Die Woche article, note 17.

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51. Reports have been written regarding these anonymous threats by the staff member who received the threat.

52. April 1995, anonymous letter to the Dianetics Center in Düsseldorf.

53. Reports have been written regarding these anonymous threats by the staff member who received the threats which usually are made in phone calls.

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