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For news and information on the churches of Scientology world-wide, contact Leisa Goodman, Media Relations Director, Church of Scientology International at (323) 960-3500 or via e-mail at

Also available in hard copy to all credentialed media are the following materials from the Church of Scientology International. To order, please click to the online order form (at the bottom of the page) that follows.

  • What is Scientology?
    What is Scientology? A definitive and comprehensive 590-page reference work, containing cover-to-cover facts about the Scientology philosophy, its history, practices, activities, organizations, membership, community programs, and inroads Scientologists are making in improving the quality of life through application of the technologies developed by Scientology founder, L. Ron Hubbard.

  • L. Ron Hubbard: A Profile
    L. Ron Hubbard: A Profile The most in-depth work ever published on the life of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, this book chronicles Mr. Hubbard’s lifetime of accomplishment in the 29 professional fields he mastered.

  • The Church of Scientology -- 40th Anniversary
    The Church of Scientology -- 40th Anniversary A concise, yet comprehensive status report on Scientology’s four decades of worldwide expansion. Includes a complete look at the Church’s ecclesiastical structure, its management, its community assistance programs, social reform activities and affiliated parishioner organizations.

  • Reference Guide to the Scientology Religion
    Reference Guide to the Scientology Religion A 42-page reference guide of facts written to assist media in coverage of both the Church and the Scientology religion.

  • Freedom Magazine
    Freedom Magazine - published by the Church of Scientology A forum for hard-hitting investigative journalism. Freedom has taken on stories that other media have been reluctant to publish.

  • The Rise of Hatred & Violence in Germany
    The Rise of Hatred & Violence in Germany Resurgent human rights violations against minorities in Germany have captured international headlines in recent years, but few reports have scratched the surface of the deference afforded to hatemongers by the Bonn government. This 167-page white paper fully documents the source and scope of "neo-cleansing" propaganda inside today’s Germany.

  • The Cult Awareness Network: Anatomy of a Hate Group
    The Cult Awareness Network: Anatomy of a Hate Group A 145-page documented analysis of the violence and crime incited by the now-bankrupt Cult Awareness Network.

  • The Story That TIME Couldn’t Tell
    The Story That TIME Couldn't Tell Question: Where does one turn when a four-bit news magazine wields the unabashed Nazi-style hate propaganda that TIME did in its 1991 cover article on Scientology?
    Answer: To the truth.
    Documenting every move of the cabal behind this vitriolic attack, this booklet exposed the real story of mafia-like tactics used to try and bring Scientology down.

  • How to Use the Freedom of Information Act
    How to Use the Freedom of Information Act A description of how this law works, its purpose, history and importance. It provides simple, straightforward steps to access information from U.S. government agencies. Originally published as a public service by the Church of Scientology, this information is now available online at the Electronic Freedom Foundation’s web site.


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