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“Ultimately, as Germany continues its journey toward the 21st century, it will need to consider a German identity that embraces CSCE standards of mutual respect, understanding, cooperation and solidarity among all persons living on German territory, without distinction as to ethnic or national origin or religion. It will need to accept, as will CSCE countries as a whole, that multi-ethnic, multi-cultural societies are our destiny, and to be proud of the rich and diverse communities, cultures and traditions that Germany already has to offer.”

     Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe
     September 1993 Report on Human Rights in Germany



Assaults on German Citizens

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Chapter 2

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Chapter 8

What You Can Do

The Rise of Hatred & Violence in Germany was first published in 1995 as a public service by Freedom Magazine, made possible by a grant from the International Association of Scientologists. In 1996, The Rise of Hatred & Violence in Germany received awards from a California press association and a national press association.

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