29 January 1997



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      The Church of Scientology International today struck back at accusations about the Church from Bonn officials, and charged them of repeating the same tactics as the 1930’s.

      “They think that by just repeating ‘the big lie’ over and over again, they will make others believe it,” said Rev. Jentzsch, “The world is not that stupid. The political hate rhetoric is their hallmark. It’s how they have always tried to vilify minority groups and squash any criticism of their government.”

      “There was another group which was found guilty of nothing, but was defiled by the German government with the false accusation of having money goals and seeking ‘world domination’,” said Rev. Jentzsch, in reference to the latest claims hurled from Bonn about the Church. “We don’t have to state the comparison. Even Nicholas Burns can figure that one out,” he said, referring to recent statements made by the U.S. State Department spokesman about the Church’s comparisons of German government tactics with those used by the Nazi’s in the 1930’s.

      Rev. Jentzsch said that the Church has been found guilty of nothing in Germany, so politicians cover up the lack of evidence with a campaign of “hate rhetoric” and “vile propaganda.” Rev. Jentzsch noted, “German politicians have also orchestrated 158 harassive investigations of Churches of Scientology and its officials in Germany. Every one of them was dismissed because of no evidence of wrongdoing.”

      He noted that Scientology has been recognized as a religion in more than 200 court decisions around the world, and scrutinized in an exhaustive two-year investigation by the Internal Revenue Service which resulted in a sweeping recognition and tax exempt status to all Churches and affiliated groups and organizations—more than 150 total—in 1993.

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